Power Your High Growth Company with Strategic CFO Support.

what we can do

What We Can Do For You

Strategic CFO Services

As an integral partner with the CEO and leadership team, we will build, execute, and grow a solid financial strategy for your organization.

Controllership and Bookkeeping

Day to day oversight of your business finances so the books are always correct, and you can focus on growth.

Cashflow & Budget Modeling

Analyze the past, understand the present, and see into the future with easy to use, variable based reporting models customized for your specific business needs.

Corporate Governance

Board of directors & investor relations, cap table management, and fundraising strategy to optimize your equity.

Our Expertise

We Use The Same 4-Step Process With Every Client, So Your Success Isn’t Left Up To Chance.





What Our Clients Say

“Working with Scott has been a delight. He’s basically our outsourced CFO. He keeps his eye on the big picture and long term trends while also diving deep into the details. He’s helped us understand and forecast our business to allow us to achieve double digit growth year after year. I trust him completely.”

– Tobie Whitman, Owner

“Scott and Mod 4 Finance are an invaluable part of our team. Their careful handling of our finances, all the way from transaction level details to broad budgeting and strategy, provides us with confidence we need to make critical decisions. They are involved with every step of our strategic planning and business analysis, and will be well into the future as our business expands.”

– David Ledgerwood, Managing Partner

Mod 4 Finance is the rare combination of strategic guidance fueled by financial insights with precise tactical execution of contracts, books, and cash flow. Their leadership is exceptionally trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. InGo would not have survived the challenges or found the opportunities for growth it has without them.

– Michael Barnett, CEO

Does This Sound Like You?

“The business is growing so quickly, and I have less and less time to manage the finances and plan for the future.”

“I need to make key hires and purchasing decisions to keep the business growing, but am unsure if we have the money to do it.”

“A detailed 12 to 24 month budget and financial model is what I need to plan for the future, but don’t know where to begin.”

“I’m spending one day per week in spreadsheets looking at finances, and I need that time to be selling and speaking with customers..”

“I am unsure of how dilutive fundraising could be at different revenue points and valuation levels.”

“I feel like we need a CFO, but am not sure we are big enough yet.”

Prepare for Growth in 2024

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